Featured Information of S&T Resources in www.escience.org.cn

R&D Bases and Large-scale Equipments &Instruments

S&T resources information of large-scale equipments & instruments, wind tunnel experiments, metrological benchmarks, analytical test methods, emergency analysis case studies, eco-environment, material corrosion, geophysics, special environment and disaster, field observation and research network system

S&T Literature

abstract of S&T foreign journals, e-books in Chinese, and standards documents

Scientific Data

meteorology, oceanography, seism, earth system, agriculture, forestry, transportation, medicine and public health, advanced manufacturing, geology and mineral resources

Local Featured S&T Resources

special and classified S&T resources gathered in all the provinces, including news about local S&T development, local enterprise innovation and utilization of technology transformation, etc.

S&T Natural Resources

description of animal and plant germplasm resources, microorganism, experimental materials, reference materials, samples and human genetics

S&T Websites Hub

major national S&T resource sites are connected to the portal of the NSTI