Greetings from the Director General

National Science and Technology Infrastructure (NSTI) construction serving as an important part of National Innovation System is of significance to the effort of building science and technology innovation capacity. The Outline for 2004-2010 National Science and Technology Infrastructure Construction jointly released by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) was forwarded by the General Office of the State Council in July 2004, which indicates a major national initiative for optimizing allocation of S&T resources by integration. The initiative marks the beginning of a new stage of S&T capacity building. In 2005, the central- Government launched the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Program (NSTI Program).

The NSTI program is a long-term and fundamental effort, which aims to meet the requirements for economic and social development. By reorganizing and optimizing S&T resources with modern information technologies and innovative governance, the NSTI program is to improve configuration and utilization efficiency of national S&T resources and provides powerful support for S&T innovation capacity.

In 2006, the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Centre (NSTI Centre) was founded as professional governing body to carry out the NSTI program, and report to the MOST and the MOF. With the efforts of NSTI Centre to build platforms focusing on S&T resources integration, co-sharing and efficient access, the NSTI program has made positive and effective progress.

S&T resources is a key factor in the technology innovation. Both developed and newly industrialized countries take fully utilization of S&T resources as a major strategy to leverage the S&T innovation capacity. NSTI Centre would like to work closely with government agencies around the world and international organizations on exchanging experiences about the resources integration, co-sharing and efficient access to promote the development of science and technology.